Low Road Foundation Stage 1

In our Nursery, we have five key workers; Miss Donaldson, Miss Leach, Miss Stagg, Miss Good and Miss Wilkinson. 

Each child attends different sessions that were chosen by there parents/carers. The options provided by our Nursery are; 5 mornings, 5 afternoons or 2 and a half days. We are as flexible as we can be, and on some occasions children may do, for example, 1 full day and 3 afternoons. The children who stay for a full day can either bring a packed lunch or recieve a school meal. 

All of our children will visit our Nursery, then receive a home visit and will then be offered a place (Please see our Admissions Policy). 

Low Road Nursery provides high quality child-centred education and care for our children and their families.

All of our staff strive to deliver our ethos of 'inspiring hope, igniting imagination and instilling a love of learning that will last a lifetime'.

We view each child as an indivual learner, bursting with natural curiosity and creativity. Our children are inspired by their interests and fascinations and key workers follow these, to facilitate their learning.

We provide stimulating learning environments with endless opportunities to enable children to extend their knowledge, understanding and skills.

We are fully committed to the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage, which align seamlessly with the Reggio Emilia approach to teaching and learning.  The unique child is at the heart of what we provide, using parents as partners and enabling environments to facilitate the learning process and achieve the best possible outcomes for all of our children.    

Nursery Officer - Mrs L Good

Teaching Assistant - Miss R Leach

Lunch and Care Assistant - Miss N Wilkinson 
As you may already be aware, you now have to apply for a place at our primary schools online. Below, we are providing the link to 'Leeds City Council Primary School Admissions'. This will give you all the information about applying and will also provide you with relevant deadline dates.