Excellence, Effort and Aspiration

Success in our team01 Jan 1970Success in our teamOur success is already defined by the efforts of every member of our team. The difference you make every day creates a legacy that will outlast our careers and echo into future generations. I believe in you all. I believe in the children. And I believe in education…

I believe you should dare to believe we are on a path to excellence, and that our finest hour was not today, nor will it be tomorrow. It will be when we look back as educators and say: We made a difference. We altered the courses of lives and raised the trajectory.

Tomorrow is your day. So seize it. Make it count. Prove it to the world. Shout it from the rooftops. Let’s make our dream a reality. We are Low Road and Windmill. We are a Leeds City Council organisation. We have aspirations of a private school. And the quality of a grammar.Butwe are unique. And we truly care. We can because we believe we can. We achieve Excellence through Effort and Aspiration.And it is true. The longer we have our children, the better they do. From low starting points, progress accelerates and attainment rises. We are still realising that journey, but progress is rapid across our schools.

We know where we need to be. If you are good enough and proud enough, you are on this train. If you are not, you will depart at the next stop. But you won’t…because you volunteer to do this. Your choice was to change lives. Not to make 'secondary ready children' but to make society ready citizens. And crafting that takes time. Longer than a year or two. You have to be in it for the long haul. Because you truly love it and believe in outstanding.

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