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Magical Moments10 Mar 2016Magical MomentsSometimes you get chance to be part of a magical moment. They happen several times in your life. You know them to be magical because they define things...they change things...forever. The birth of a child, a marriage, a new puppy, a graduation, or just the grasp of a concept or skill which was beyond your reach before. Before that magical moment.

We have a magical moment in the Federation. We have our time. A new time. A focused direction. A time which can affect everyone for the better. Look how far we have come since September. To begin to itemise the positive changes would be a worthwhile effort... but not today. Today I want you to think back to the time you were part of something new. A time you had pride in being the first. The first in a race, or a competition or something else. 

In September we launch a new uniform. We have a new identity. A unified Federation working to the same cause: Excellence through effort and aspiration. The uniform embodies that mission. 

So why is a uniform important? A uniform makes us equal. It takes away the competition and negative rivalry which can result from branded items. It identifies us as one. One team... one cause ... togetherness... a unified belief in better. No-one is better or worse, worthy or unworthy... The moment the children walk into my Federation they are equal in every way - irrelevent of all else.

Why grey and black? This one is simple. We are neutral; we are friends and we intend to be professional. We start from the same points, and it is our personalities and our characters that add the colour and the embellishment. Take a walk in to Leeds, or London and look at the professionals before you. The suits echo our own uniform. We are professionals in the making... and whether that is an engineer, a joiner, a nurse, a doctor, a policeman, a mechanic, a teacher, a businessperson, or someone who takes a different path... we start out with high aspirations. Together. Everyone has a uniform and we need to be proud of our badge. A south Leeds force to be reckoned with. An army marching for the same cause. The industrial heritage of Belle Isle and Hunslet is mining and engineering. Those proud men and women didn't walk in from a day's shift wearing brilliant royal blue, or sparkling gold attire... They came in with the colours that reflected their trades, their work and their heritage. And they were proud. I know this because my grandfather was one of them. Think about it for a moment... try to understand why we chose these colours. But neutral colours needn't mean less worthy. I think the colours look classy. The perfect marriage between the professional aspiration and the industrial heritage. It couldn't be more perfect.

Blazers in Y6? Why? This is because primary school is a journey. Educationally, socially and emotionally. My job is to build futures and self belief. I believe in rites of passage. A birthday, Easter, Christmas, other celebrations; graduation, your first car - the list is endless! And the year before our children transition to high school is no less significant. Important exams, an adjusted frame of mind, taking it seriously, growing up, preparing for the next phase, feeling special, different, mature, worthy, proud... there you have it. Silver piping over grey lapels because every cloud has a silver lining and we take the rough and the smooth together. As a team. The flash of colour in the logo reflects the house team colours, as does the personalised tie. Of course colour co-ordinated. Every detail matters. I have personally sanctioned every element; changed companies because I didn't believe the quality was good enough for our children. And what is more I will provide the tie and blazer without charge. Because I want parents to know how much I believe in what we can achieve together... if we work together. Of course, many parents will want to purchase their own for their child to keep so that they can remember the magic moment I speak of.

Changes of uniform in a school are a rarity. A magic moment to be part of something new. In 20 years they will look back and say, "I was the frst to wear that..."
Who knows, in 20 years, they may still have it tucked away to show their own children. Why? Because they were the first of a new generation in Windmill and Low Road, or as I prefer to call it, the Hunslet site and the Belle Isle site. 

I ask for your support. I ask you to be proud of what we are introducing. It is easy to criticise... and I cannot please everyone as hard as I might try. BUT...

Our kids are worth the best and I intend to give them it. The best uniform, the best education, the best experience academically, musically and socially. In the Music Federation we build futures and I am proud you are trusting in my team to help craft the futures of tomorrow because nothing is more important than your children. 

They create magic moments. And so do you. 

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