The Federation and the Windmill Children’s Centre recognises that safeguarding encompasses the duties of child protection and promoting the rights and welfare of children. As such, it is:

Everyone’s responsibility to safeguard children and provide a safe environment in which children can learn.
All school and college staff should be prepared to identify children who may benefit from Early Help.
All professionals should make sure their approach is child-centred. This means that they should consider, at all times, what is in the best interests of the child. (KCSiE 2016)

And we believe:

Schools can contribute to the prevention of abuse.
All children have the right to be protected from harm.
Children need support that matches their individual needs, including those who may have experienced abuse.

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Useful Information on Domestic Voilence:

The Federation and the Windmill Daycare will fulfil local and national responsibilities as laid out in the following documents:-

Keeping Children Safe in Education – Statutory guidance for schools and colleges, (September 2019)
Working Together to Safeguard Children, March 2015 (Statutory guidance)
Statutory guidance on children who run away or go missing from home or care – January 2014
What to do if you’re worried a child is being abused – March 2015
Information sharing - Advice for practitioners providing safeguarding services to children, young people, parents and carers – March 2015
Guidance for safer working practice for those working with children and young people in education settings (Safer Recruitment Consortium October 2015)
Leeds Safeguarding Children Board Procedures
Children Act 1989 (as amended 2004 Section 52)
Education Act 2002 s175/s157
The Teachers Standards’ 2012
The Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 (section 26 The Prevent Duty)
Female Genital Mutilation Act 2003
Serious Crime Act 2015
Children Missing Education – Statutory guidance for local authorities (DfE September 2016).
The Executive Headteacher, Andy Gamble, is the Designated Safeguarding Lead Officer, support by a team of Child Protection trained staff.
Child Protection Trained Staff:

Sandra Senior - Lead Safeguard Officer
Anne Platts - Lead Safeguard Officer
Rachael Troughton - Lead Safeguard Officer
Cath Storey - Lead Safeguard Officer
Lisa Lockey - Lead Safeguard Officer
Vanessa Lincoln - Lead Safeguard Officer
Caroline Harvison - Lead Safeguard Officer
Rebecca Amos - SENDco 


The house party is taking social media by storm. It’s from the same company that created Fortnite. Over the last 48 hours there has been lots of misinformation over social media about it.  As with all live-streaming platforms, screenshots, unsolicited messages and self-generated sexualised imagery can put young people at risk.


Links to ‘rooms’ can also be shared publicly – to other platforms which could see uninvited users joining.


‘Rooms’ should be locked to prevent uninvited guests from joining – remember all rooms will lock by default if a user enables ‘private mode’.


If an uninvited guest joins a room they can easily ‘friend’ others taking part in the live stream.


It appears that when a friend is invited, their friends can also join a ‘room’ without the invitation. Therefore potentially increase the opportunity to cyber-bully and troll others.




Safer schools have also just tweeted the link and a short animation as well.


Here is a web link to the blog.

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