Vision and Aims

We have:

The aspirations of a private school
The expectations of a grammar school
The breadth of opportunities of a specialist arts provider
And all of this with our feet planted firmly in inner city South Leeds.
We are a proud Leeds City Council organisation.

Most importantly, the organisation will always serve the communities of Hunslet and Belle Isle and put children first.

The Federation of Low Road and Windmill aims to provide an education that ensures excellent progress and good pupil outcomes.
This should be achieved by high quality childcare and teaching, from staff who consistently have high expectations of pupils. Skilled behaviour management makes a strong contribution to a very positive climate for playing and learning.
To enable the highest quality provision, everyone who works on a Federation site must strive towards the same standards and have in mind the Vision.

Our Vision is to be a successful Federation that offers a welcoming and safe learning environment, with a positive ethos that promotes achievement, good health, good behaviour and respect for all. To strive for excellence in all aspects of our work, through determination, pride, effort and an aspirational approach to every individual. To help children to believe 'They can because they think they can'.

Parents, the Communities, Federation staff and pupils, and a range of extended services, work as partners with the schools and Children’s Centre and with a team of valued staff who are totally committed to raising standards. They are led by an Executive Headteacher, Federation Headteacher and Governing Body who are clear in their direction for the Federation. 

To support the Vision, the Federation aims to:

1.  Create happy and inclusive settings that find strength in diversity and have a positive approach to learning in safe, caring, stimulating and high achieving environments.

2.  Develop attitudes of honesty, tolerance and respect, and promote the spiritual, cultural, moral and physical development of all.

3.  Develop a sense of belonging, stability and involvement, focusing on strong partnerships with parents, community groups and agencies in Belle Isle and Hunslet.

4.  Prepare pupils for life, for economic well-being, and able to make a positive contribution in the future, by achieving their full potential and high attainment.

5.  Provide a broad curriculum that aims to meet individual and collective needs, and that challenges, extends and excites, and has music making at it’s heart.

6.  Regularly provide many quality, first-hand experiences, with a range of appropriate teaching and learning strategies, to stimulate and motivate all types of learners.