Reception 1 - Miss Glover


My name is Miss Glover, and I am your new Reception Class Teacher. I am so excited to meet you and for you to start in my class. I am busy getting everything ready for you starting school and I cannot wait to explore the learning environments with you. We will have so much fun and have lots of exciting learning opportunities along the way.

I would really like to learn more about you. I wonder if you could draw a picture or write a letter to bring on your first day at school, to tell me about yourself and your favourite things – you can ask somebody at home to help you to do this.

My favourite things to do at school are making mud pies in the mud kitchen, reading stories to my class, singing, and seeing the amazing progress that all of the children make throughout the year.

I am excited to learn more about you, your families and for you to share all of your interests and fascinations with me. A big part of starting school is making friends and making sure that the start of your school journey is the best year, filled with memories and lots of fun along the way.

I look forward to seeing you in September.
Miss Glover