What Our Parents Say

"What I really like about the teachers is that they are very friendly and are always smiling. They make you feel like family when 
you come to collect your child, and most of all my child is very happy to come here all the time."

"Great nursery! Excellent... my child has come on so much since attending Windmill Daycare."

"My child really enjoys coming into nursery. All the staff are lovely and really helpful.I like how they have changed 
the rooms, lots of things to do."

"My child loves nursery, always comes home happy. NO negatives!"

"Sunflowers room has been amazing, my son has settled so well. He loves coming every day. Thanks to all the staff."

"My child has settled fine, he still has his moments where he says he doesn't like it but the staff are great with him 
and he really gets along with them all."

"Great nursery, excellent staff, my child has come on so much since attending Windmill Daycare."

"Staff are brilliant, the room is lovely, my child loves it."

"I like how my child has good relationships with all the workers, especially his key worker."

"I feel that communication between nursery and parents is very good. I always feel I know how
my child's day has been, if there were any issues and what he has eaten."

"My child loves the big nursery. Staff are friendly and he loves to come."

"My child likes his key worker because she joins in his play. The key workers are very friendly and talkative."