Andy Gamble

Federation Head

Music Federation

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Windmill Staff

 Administration Windmill
Mrs A. SteadBusiness Manager/ PA to the Executive Headteacher
Mrs L. LockeyOffice Manager Windmill
Mrs V. LincolnAdmin Assistant Windmill
Strategic Leadership Team
Andy GambleExecutive Headteacher
Rachael TroughtonFederation Head
Mrs A. SteadBusiness Manager/ PA to the Executive Headteacher
Katy QuilterFederation Deputy Head

Miss R.WatkinsEYFS
Mrs. K. Thackray EYFS
 Wider Leadership
Miss C Glover EYFS Phase Lead
 Miss K Powell KS1 Phase Lead
 Mrs S Senior LKS2 Phase Lead
 Mrs L Leamy LKS2 Phase Lead
Miss C. HarvisonUKS2 Phase Lead

Child Protection Windmill
Andy GambleExecutive Headteacher
Rachael TroughtonFederation Head
Mrs.H.JonesTeacher/Lead Child Protection
Mrs. R. AmosFederation SENDCo
SEND Windmill
Mrs H. Jones Child Protection/Pastoral Officer and SEND Consultant
Mrs R.AmosFederation SENDCO
Mrs V. GawthorpeLead Autism Practitioner
Miss J SharpSEND Teacher
Mrs Medley SEND Teaching assistant
Mrs A. SayersSEND Teaching assistant
Miss L.McTernanSEND Teaching assistant & Medical Support
Mrs. A.CeesaySEND Teaching assistant
Miss K TaylorSEND Teaching assistant
Yr 6 Teachers
Miss L. ArmsonTeacher
Miss C. HarvisonTeacher
Yr 5 Teachers
Miss L GalinskyTeacher
 Mrs L. Milner Teacher
Yr 4 Teachers
Mrs L. LeameyTeacher
Mrs D NinsonTeacher
Mrs L GaltonTeacher

  Yr 3 Teachers
Miss T. FriendTeacher
 Mrs S Senior LKS2 Phase Lead/Teacher
KS2 Teaching Assistants Windmill
Mrs T.TateTeaching Assistant
Mrs. E.AthaTeaching Assistant
Mrs. J.PerigoTeaching Assistant
Mrs. P.ParkerTeaching Assistant
Mrs. M.GrimshawTeaching Assistant
Mrs. T.SmithHLTA
Mrs. A.PlattsCover Supervisor
Mrs Dionne JohnsonTeaching Assistant
Mrs K.LambertHLTA
Windmill KS1 Teachers
Yr2 Teachers
Miss K.Powell KS1 Phase Lead/Teacher
Mrs C JonesTeacher
Yr 1/2 Teacher
Miss S. SpeedTeacher
Yr 1 Teacher
 Miss S.WildingTeacher
Miss L.Shaw Teacher
KS1 Teaching Assistants Windmill

Mrs E.RhodesTeaching Assistant
Miss A.McCarthyTeaching Assistant
Miss C.HickinsonTeaching Assistant
Miss N.AllenTeaching Assistant
EYFS Windmill
Miss C. Glover EYFS Teacher
Mrs. C. Torrence EYFS
Miss L.McLean EYFS Teacher
Mrs S. Bean EYFS
Mrs S. Scott EYFS
Miss A Banks EYFS
Mrs H Brockley EYFS
Miss L Lynch EYFS
Care Team Windmill
Mr G. ThackrayFederation Superintendent
Mr C. LockeyAssistant Caretaker
Mr C. MolnarAssistant Caretaker
Windmill Foundation Stage 2:
Miss Lindsey McLeanTeacher
Mrs Sarah BeanSpecialist Teaching Assistant
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