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Low Road Foundation Stage 1

In our Nursery, we have three key workers; Mrs Lindsey Hampson, Miss Rebecca Leach and Miss Nadine Wilkinson. We split all of the children into two groups; Active Alligators and Motivated Monkeys. These link with the groups that we have in Foundation Stage 2 across both Low Road and Windmill sites. The children are grouped based on who their key worker is, Mrs Hampson is the key worker for Motivated Monkeys and Mrs Leach is the key worker for Active Alligators. 

Each child attends different sessions that were chosen by there parents/carers. The options provided by our Nursery are; 5 mornings, 5 afternoons or 2 and a half days. We are as flexible as we can be, and on some occasions children may do, for example, 1 full day and 3 afternoons. The children who stay for a full day can either bring a packed lunch or recieve a free school meal. 

All of our children will visit our Nursery, then receive a home visit and will then be offered a place (Please see our Admissions Policy). Once they start at our Nursery they will be part of a Phonics and Big Maths Group and will access a wide range of Continuous Provision. They will be provided with Milk and Fruit each day and each child will have their own labelled water bottles. Each child will have a profile with work they have produced in and a Tapestry account for you to link up with, which will have a wide range of observations on. 
Heads of Early Years
Mrs K Thackray
Miss R Watkins
Nursery Officer - Mrs L Hampson
Nursery Officer - Mrs L Good (Currently on Maternity Leave)
Teaching Assistant - Miss R Leach
Teaching Assistant - Miss N Wilkinson 
Sand Area
Water Area
Fine Motor Area 
Malleable Area
Creative Area
Maths Area
Carpet Area 
Role Play Area
Reading Area
Mark Making Area
ICT Area
As you may already be aware, you now have to apply for a place at our primary schools online. Below, we are providing the link to 'Leeds City Council Primary School Admissions'. This will give you all the information about applying and will also provide you with relevant deadline dates. 


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