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Low Road Foundation Stage 2

At Low Road, we have a maximum of 30 children in Foundation Stage 2. These children are split into two groups; Learning Lions and Hardworking Hippos. They are grouped based on who their key worker is. The key workers for Learning Lions are Mrs K Thackray and Miss R Watkins and the key worker for Hardworking Hippos is Mrs M Coultas. We have two teaching assistants who support across both groups, Miss S Ferry and Miss M Geca. 

All children attend full days at school once in Reception (Foundation Stage 2), this is 8.25am-3.15pm. Parents/carers can choose whether their child brings a packed lunch or has a free school meal. Each child receives a carton of milk and a piece of fruit or vegetable every day. We provide each child with a labelled bottle of water. 

Every child is provided with a book bag, we ask parents to read with their child every night, for those who find this difficult, we now offer a supported reading session every afternoon 3.00-3.15pm. Each child has a profile with work they have produced and they also have a Tapestry account, which all parents/carers can access, this has a wide range of observations on. 

Every half term we have a topic focus, such as, 'Under the Sea', however, this does not mean that the children only learn about this topic. We complete two focuses a week that may be linked to the topic or something that follows the children's interests. We encourage child initiated learning and so therefore, provide a wide range of continuous provision, that offers challenge and many open ended learning opportunities. We invite parents and carers in each half term for a 'Stay and Play' session that covers a different Area of Learning. 
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