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Our Special Educational Needs and Disability Team:
Federation Lead SENCO: Rebecca Amos

Windmill Primary:

SEND Co-ordinator (SENCo)- Rebecca Amos (EHP trained)         

Inclusion team:
SEND Teachers: Sian Nisbet, Helen Jones
Behaviour support workers – Tracy Smith, Anne Platts
Autism support (HLTA) – Vicki Gawthorpe
Parent support – Maria McCarthy, Sian Nisbet (EHP Trained)

Windmill Children’s Centre:
SEND Co-ordinator – Claire Goodchild

Low Road Primary:
SEND Co-ordinator: Sandra Senior (EHP Trained)

Inclusion team:
SEND HLTA – Jackie Holderness
Autism support (HLTA) – Katie Lambert
Parent support – Cath Storey (EHA Trained)
Universal offer of Special Educational Needs and Disability
In March 2014 the Government passed The Children and Families Act that make wide ranging reforms to services for all children and young people, and specifically for those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). From September 2014 Local Authorities must publish information about what services for children with SEND are available and how families can access them. This is known as the ‘Local Offer’. Leeds Local Offer can be accessed via www.leeds.gov.uk

All schools also have a duty to publish their own individual SEN Information Report and this is detailed below.

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